Quality Oral Care Delivered Sustainably.

Looking after your teeth without binning toothpaste tubes is the key to easily turning your daily routine into something that positively impacts the environment. 

It is now easily achievable, effortlessly with Tongue's toothpaste tablets, especially when combined with our effortless subscription service. 


Ditch the Tube


“Hi, I'm Dustin Scott, one of the founding members of Tongue’s.  More about me shortly.

Firstly, I wanted to explain our system for reducing plastic (toothpaste tube) waste, whilst encouraging your best oral health.

The fact is, we (should!) brush twice a day. That means a lot of tubes thrown out.

Millions in fact.

Of these, you’d think a lot are recycled?

This is rarely the case. Most are thrown out.

Then there’s that guilty feeling

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“Yes, squeezable toothpaste tubes are difficult to recycle and it is unusual for councils to collect them as part of their collections schemes.” (the BBC).

It’s a big consumer vs. environment problem.

Part of a range of similar problems which cover the oral care sector (a bit like plaque. Nasty).

Problems which, really, shouldn’t exist in the UK in the 21st Century.

Essentially, this is why Tongue’s exists. And why we launched our Toothpaste Tablets.

Secondly, I am a dentist.

I see dentists and patients on a daily basis and over the years, I’ve heard and seen all of the problems that exist within dentistry. 

I wanted to make a difference and help my patients keep their teeth healthy and strong for their entire life. I also wanted to help my patients feel like they are making a positive environmental change.

I know the wastage in the profession and within oral care as a whole.

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As a dentist, I also know that you’re probably using the wrong amount of toothpaste.

I also know you run out of toothpaste fairly often and have to run out for more.

We’re good at extracting this information. We’re good at extracting teeth too. Remember twice a day keeps the dentist away.

Or even “two tablets a day keeps the dentist away”?

Two. Little. Tabs.

A fresh peppermint flavour (more flavours coming). Vegan-friendly. Delivered in recyclable packaging (the outer is biodegradable, too).

And, the perfect amount. The right amount of Fluoride.

Plus you’ll know when you’ve brushed enough.

Just bite and chew.

Unsure? Understandable. You've been using tubes your whole life!

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We’ve created these with a subscription model in mind. So we have built out a whole system.

Recycled packaging, glass jars available, and a cost-effective, £4/month option.

No more running out of toothpaste. No more guilty feeling. One less thing to worry about buying. AND, you’re supporting local business and local initiatives.

And this is just the beginning.

Join us as we roll out more plastic free, oral health boosting solutions to truly impact oral care in a big way.

There you have it - and that’s why we’re Tongue’s Club. Will you join us?”



Once we launched the tablets, a lot of you asked us if we had a trial pack available. 

We didn't. 

This was valuable feedback and so we got to it. As of July 2020, we've made free samples available. A great way to try Toothpaste Tablets for the first time and, we hope, never go back!