Our Mission 

Tongue’s overall mission is to change the face of dentistry with the use of reusable and sustainable products. Gradually we will bring about a mindset shift both of consumers and professionals where dentistry is no longer associated with wastage or throw-away products.

We aim to do this by using our expertise to create modern and stylish, premium quality products to improve your oral health, whilst educating and developing an environment to reduce and prevent disease. 

Our Story 

Tongue’s was founded by a team of dentists, with the aim of improving our patient’s health, whilst protecting our environment and creating a sustainable world for future generations. We were conscious of how many dental products are not recyclable, and the amount of these thrown away by each person alarmed us. We felt responsible, and decided to use our influence in a positive way. 

We realised that we could produce new and innovative products which are just better, whilst also manufacturing those products in a more sustainable way, from sustainable materials. 

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