It's about more than just toothpaste

Fighting plastic is now easier than ever

We're joining a growing number of boutique-style producer retailers who have built their brand on sustainability from the ground-up.

We've taken something as routine as brushing your teeth and turned it into an opportunity for you to help bring about positive change.

Each time you chew and brush, you're saying no to
plastic tubes.

Tongue's Club: Ditching Plastic, One Good Brush at a Time

You don't often equate Dentists with eco-warrior style environmental initiatives. And to be fair, you'd be right. We're more comfortable with teeth. But what if there was a way to promote good dental health, WITH organic products, AND help the environment.... conveniently?

Like the insanely bright light we like to shine in patient's faces, we focused on creating a company that would do just that.

It started with our Toothpaste Tablets. Here's how:

For the environment's health

We're Dentists against damage. And not just of the tooth kind. 1.5 billion tubes are thrown away. And only 1/3 of recyclable ones are actually recycled...

No waste

Not a plastic tube in sight. Biodegradable pouch as standard for our toothpaste tablets, and a glass jar available to buy, too.

Made locally

Our toothpaste tablets are manufactured right here, in Britain. We will try to source local manufacturers for our products in general.


and made from all natural ingredients


Just top up your glass jar from our recycled bags (jar available separately).
Customers on subscription get a fresh, 3 month supply every three months, which further reduces our carbon footprint.

For your health & wellbeing

What if we could re-think existing products to make them more sustainable, AND good for your health?

They're based on patient feedback & best practice

We use and recommend a lot of dental products. Since we're in contact with them so much, we see the flaws. Not least the environmental waste. Tongue's products reflect that, and address both your health AND sustainability.

Encourages us to think outside of ourselves, BY thinking of ourselves

Our products take conventional items, add dental expertise, and embrace sustainability. When you choose a Tongue's product, you make a choice to take good care of yourself, but in doing so, you're inspired to think more about the world around you.

Natural ingredients 

Our tablets contain natural whiteners for healthy looking teeth and natural confidence. Where possible, we are using natural raw materials in all of our products.

If plastic is used in any product, it is recycled bottles, re-purposed.  This supports the industry developing around getting plastic bottles off the streets and shores and into useful products which can themselves be recycled...

Ditch the tube for good

Do good time and again when you take out a subscription of toothpaste tablets.

No more risks of running out, with the (literal) running out, to buy more.
You won't miss those days...

One less thing to worry about, and the tube is history.

By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans...

We're all familiar with stats like this

But often we're not empowered to make a change. Often, we can't. There are no alternatives. This is where we at Tongue's, and other sustainable producers come in.

As dentists, we identified that things could be better in the dental sector.

Our vision was to begin with retail products to quickly make ripples in the mass market.

From there, we'll conquer the dentistry sector itself....

Instead, Tongue's Products

  • Are made from recycled materials
  • Can themselves be recycled or decompose
  • Make a positive environmental impact each time they're used
  • Are better than their 'conventional' alternatives
  • Are premium in look & feel

About a third of all plastics produced escape collection systems, only to wind up floating in the sea or the stomach of an unsuspecting bird.

A third is a lot when you apply that to toothpaste tubes!

That's why we chose toothpaste tablets as not only a great dental aid, but a great way to make a dent in this figure.

We're not dependent on recycling facilities: our pouches are biodegradable, and our packaging for mailing is all paper or cardboard (which has many exciting uses!)